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Abuser?, grandpa?

Woody representing the abuser

Woody KatzIn the script for the audition, Woody, an older man, plays the part of a character named Chuck. Like the family jewels in an earlier scene, with Woody we again have a slang term for the sex organ of a man. And when you add this to the fact that Woody starts off his interaction with Betty with let's-play-doctor jokes like, "Just tell me where it hurts, baby," it should come as no surprise that with Woody, we are entering into Diane's sexual abuse territory. This means that when Woody says things like, "you don't rush it, I don't rush it," we have to consider that maybe this is what Diane's father figure said during the acts of incest. And when Woody says, "Dad's best friend goes to work," we have to consider that maybe he is saying that the best friend of a father figure is his penis.
Betty is much younger than him, something that becomes clear when he wants her to do some unspoken terrible thing and she threatens to tell her dad about it. However, apparently she has done this thing with him before, because she is disgusted with herself, saying, "I hate you... I hate us both!" And whatever she did with this man named Chuck, the fact that the man was her father's "best friend" just makes it even worse. The clear implication is that she was involved sexually with "Chuck" at a very young age, and this represented clear sexual abuse because the script says "Chuck" would have been arrested if Betty had told anyone. - (Alan Shaw)

Naomi Watts about Chad Everett

"What an extraordinary character! I don't know if it was his TV training, but there was never a single moment where he was missing a beat. He was just on. I felt completely safe with the way he was working. It was a great group of people who understood each other's styles and methods of working. it just organically came together."


  • Chad Everett was probably best known for being in the seven year run as Dr. Joe Gannon in the television series "Medical Center" (1969) which earned him two Golden Globe Awards and Emmy Nominations. Hence the creepy "doctor" type line "just tell me where it hurts, baby."
    Note, Dr Katz is a well known cartoon.

  • Everett’s character is called Woody Katz within the film, but he is listed as Jimmy Katz in the closing credits.

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