Short List - Travel Destinations

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Short List - Travel Destinations

Postby Cowboy » 21 Oct 2010

I'm always curious about travel destinations that people dearly want to visit. Naturally, some lucky souls may have checked many of their top destinations off their lists already but even then that should just move others up the list.

My list:

1. New Zealand. I just think that an island nation that has that much diversity (snowy mountains and surf beaches) needs to be seen first-hand.

2. Spain. The great weather, the food, the night life ... what's not to like?

3. Ireland/Scotland (combo) I'm a golfer. 'Nuff said.

What destinations are high on your list?
Well, stop for a little second and think about it. Can you do that for me?

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Re: Short List - Travel Destinations

Postby Bob » 24 Oct 2010

High on my list:

  • Australia/Newzealand - for obvious reasons
  • Thailand - I've been to Bangkok and Ko Samui for a couple of days but the impression was a lasting one. Need to retun :-P

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Re: Short List - Travel Destinations

Postby blu » 24 Oct 2010

As a semi-retired clubber, probably my most favourite place in the world is Ibiza.

Such a beautiful island with so many many different sides to it. It has a magnetism that is difficult to explain. It got a bad rep with a couple of reality TV shows about holidaying teenagers, but there's nowhere quite like it for me.

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Re: Short List - Travel Destinations

Postby silenthiller119 » 26 Oct 2010

I don't have a specific place in mind to post here, but I'd like to personally travel the world someday if I could. I've only been out of the US once before but I hope it won't be my last. :2ThUp:

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