Share a David Lynch Sighting/Story/Moment

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Share a David Lynch Sighting/Story/Moment

Postby ctyankee » 26 Oct 2010

The idea of this thread is to share any stories about seeing David Lynch in-the-flesh, a story or any correspondence of any type with the great director.

Going first. I've never met him but I attended a meditation-related talk he did at Yale University. Before that meeting, in Lynch's honor, Yale's Film and Media program had set up theatres around their campus to show David Lynch films. Unfortunately, MD was not one of the choices so I went to the Lost Highway showing as I had never seen the film at the movies.

Before the movie started, Lynch shows up along with his personal assistant and a couple people from Yale. He just addressed those in attendance for a just a couple minutes. Really the only thing I remember was his praise for the small theatre that we were sitting in. He said something like (paraphrasing).... 'what a great thing it is to be showing Lost Highway at this theatre. The speaker system is truly wonderful. We put on the first reel to test the sound presence earlier and it was just outstanding. This theatre has a vibe about it (waving fingers aloft). One can only wonder about the films that have played here over the years. But the speakers are so important (waving his fingers again). Lost Highway needs to be played at a certain volume or it's just not the experience ... it's no good ... I just don't really know how to explain it fully but when you hear it you know it.'

Anyway, the movie comes on and I mean the speaker volume is really high. It didn't seem to affect the voices/dialog so much as really pounding out the music/sound effects. Anyway, the film moved from just being a movie I like to being a much stronger visceral experience. So, if you have a really good speaker system/home theatre setup you might want to give this a try, compliments of Mr. David Lynch.

Please share any David Lynch moments of your own.

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Re: Share a David Lynch Sighting/Story/Moment

Postby silenthiller119 » 26 Oct 2010

When Inland Empire was being screened at limited theaters, I managed to get a midnight ticket at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago, IL. As he stepped onto the stage to introduce the film, there was an outstanding standing ovation for him. It was the longest ovation I've ever seen and I was glad to be a part of it. When everyone was finally settled in, he spoke a reading from the Upanishads:

"We are like the spider
We weave our life
and then move along in it
We are like the dreamer who dreams
and then lives inside the dream.
This is true for the entire universe.

Ladies and gentleman, Inland Empire"

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Re: Share a David Lynch Sighting/Story/Moment

Postby blu » 26 Oct 2010

^^ That's a fitting intro for INLAND EMPIRE :nod:

Sadly I have no personal Lynch tale, but I came across this blog recently that you may have seen if you follow us on Twitter @LOSTonMD.

David Lynch and the Cow

I think if I heard that he was there with a Cow and I was within 100 miles, I'd have been straight down there to say hello too.

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