Hollywood Publicist Murder

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Hollywood Publicist Murder

Postby danieltx » 04 Dec 2010

Have any of you guys been following this story? Last month, a famous Hollywood publicist was killed off Sunset Boulevard after leaving the premiere of Burlesque when a car pulled up next to hers and shot her to death. The police haven't really said anything about it. On Wednesday, investigators went to an apartment complex in Hollywood to question a person of interest about it and this person shot himself and died right there in the lobby. When I first heard of the publicist's murder it sounded just like something out of a David Lynch movie to me, and this latest twist makes it even more like that. Here's a few links for those who are unfamiliar with the story:

Publicist Killed

Person of Interest Kills Self

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Re: Hollywood Publicist Murder

Postby blu » 06 Dec 2010

First I've heard of it. Thanks for the links.

Strange case. The description of the hotel/apartment building where the guy killed himself certainly seems quite Lynchian and not too far away of what people have speculated the Park Hotel may be like.

I'll await developments.

Another strange murder in the news this week is that which occured in Celebration, Florida, the town built by Disney in the 90s.

http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldne ... isney.html

Peculiar stuff.

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Re: Hollywood Publicist Murder

Postby ctyankee » 08 Dec 2010

"The incidents have added to signs that cracks are forming in the sugary veneer of the town, where visitors can take horse-and-carriage rides through the picket-fence-lined streets."

Oh my goodness, people in financial hardship, leading to a protracted divorce and this reporter makes the story about Walt Disney ventures. Enough. It's the economy, stupid.

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