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Hail, Caesar!

PostPosted: 24 Aug 2016
by Siku
Loved it. I actually went twice (although mainly due to coincidence of social events, but enjoyed it just as much 2nd time).

Lot's of little tie-in's to MD for you all to enjoy:
Main character's choice/plot trajectory: face reality or stay in the dream world?

Classic Hollywood setting and locations

Alden Ehrenreich's brilliant Golden-Age-of-Hollywood Cowboy
The Cowboy.jpg

Alison Pill's Mrs Mannix making coffee in the dingy green kitchen, blonde bob and all
Mrs Mannix makes coffee.jpg

VerĂ³nica Osorio's Carlotta Valdez (yes ref to Vertigo), Rita-like starlet
Carlotta Valdez.jpg

Oh, and doppelgangers: Tilda Swinton

And no doubt loads more I've missed...