Club Silencio - Mission Statement

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Club Silencio - Mission Statement

Postby blu » 22 Oct 2010

Club Silencio is a place where those who enjoy discussing Mulholland Dr. (2001) and all things related to David Lynch. These discussions cover all aspects of the film and the filmmakers.

We, the members of the forum are interested in developing a fantastic appreciation for the films and build on our knowledge base to compliment the discussions. We respect the integrity of all artists involved in creating the original film as well as those who helped bringing the product to the viewer.

The main goals of the discussions in Club Silencio are to learn and to share: to learn more about the filmmaking art-form, thematic elements, story, clues and mysteries contained within the film and to share our knowledge and opinions with anyone who sincerely wants to benefit from the knowledge of his or her fellow members.

Discussions on this forum are polite, cordial and respectful. Do not hesitate to express opinions openly on matters involved – knowing that other members may or may not share those opinions. We will always respect opinions of other members, even if we do not share a particular opinion ourselves. We will not verbally attack other members in a personal way, but instead try to contribute to the common knowledge about, and understanding of all applicable topics discussed.

Material presented in the forum such as screen captures, sound bytes and the like are only to facilitate the Internet discussion of the film much to duplicate (as much as possible) a classroom environment where we could view the materials together. We do not wish to infringe any of the copyholders but merely protect our free speech. Club Silencio is a commercial and advertising free and not-for-profit educators.

We like others to take pleasure in sharing all things Lynchian and build on that common interest. At Club Silencio, we want to feel at home and make each other feel at home.

In summary:

  • We're about community. We are a like-minded but diverse group of individuals who share a common passion for all things relating to Mulholland Dr. (2001), related films and all things Lynchian.

  • We're about discovery and learning. Our goal is to enjoy the discussions and build on our knowledge-base through forum threads and the Lost on Mulholland Dr. website as ‘library’ for moving the discussion forward.

  • We're about courtesy. We are not a "no holds barred" forum. You are expected to conduct yourself in a courteous and professional manner in Club Silencio. Users are requested to treat others as they would want to be treated and to resolve conflicts amicably. Forum moderators will help as necessary.

  • We're about friendship. You may be as likely to read about someone's new baby, job, or house as you are their latest theory on who the blue-haired woman is. We have designated areas where you can talk about a wide range of topics. But our focus is Mulholland Dr. (2001) and other Lynch-related topics.

Enjoy your stay.

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