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Species (1995) -- its influence on Mulholland Dr.

PostPosted: 22 Jan 2016
by Film Syncs
Hard to believe, but we're coming up on the 15th Anniversary of Mulholland Dr.

As such, I thought I would reveal a significant influence on the film: Species (1995).

For those so inclined, it might be interesting to first watch Species and just see what you notice for yourself. Yeah, your radar will be up because references are expected, but it might be interesting to come up with your own ideas, perhaps ideas that I hadn't even considered or ones I omitted. Than watch my video and compare notes.

Btw, you might want to download a copy as soon as possible, just in case the copyright police rear their ugly heads. I'm sure it falls into the "fair use" bucket, but that doesn't seem to mean as much as it should to deep-pocketed corporations.

Anyway, From Film Syncs, with love, Video from :

Re: Species (1995) -- its influence on Mulholland Dr.

PostPosted: 22 Jan 2016
by Bob
I am game. Will report back with my findings in a couple of days.

Re: Species (1995) -- its influence on Mulholland Dr.

PostPosted: 11 Feb 2016
by Bob
I must say you did an incredible job of putting this together. :up: Just wondering, you worked the links off in chronological order of MD, did you? Because it did not follow the order of Species.

I only spotted a fraction of the connections you made. Mine were:
- The arrival of the fresh-faced blonde in L.A.
- The nocturnal limo ride on Mulholland Dr.
- The car crash scene with detectives and firetruck
- The dumpster bum scare (although I did not make the connection between Dan and Dan, how oblivious of me)

Anyway, a very convincing case for an influence. Should get more exposure.

There is one possible connection you missed: The "ascent" to the swimming pool area of a posh mansion in the Hollywood hills. Video from :

Btw, it was only now thanks to Species that I realize there was a credit card tracing going on in MD with the bank guys coming around after Adam exposed his card to the system at the Park Hotel.

Re: Species (1995) -- its influence on Mulholland Dr.

PostPosted: 12 Feb 2016
by Film Syncs
I completely missed the poolside climb up to the Hollywood Hills house. I focused completely on just the poolside entrance into the house and decided that wasn't strong enough.

Nice catch!!!! and thanks for the feedback.

Re: Species (1995) -- its influence on Mulholland Dr.

PostPosted: 18 Feb 2017
by cdeck
Watched Species. Difficult to say if it influenced Lynch or was one of life's happy synchronicitys. I did notice that the film starts out with the lack of information about just what and why are these events happening and what do they mean. Same with the beginning of MD as we watch the car wreck and Camilla struggles to escape. The excerpts that you have compiled are very compelling, but just like MD, we may never know the answer. Right now I am leaning towards Lynch having seen this film because the main protagonist is searching for her identity - just like Camilla. And because of the many scenes that you linked together. The sheer number of them doesn't seem like just coincidence.