Who is this woman!?

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Who is this woman!?

Postby wthreex » 10 Feb 2016



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Re: Who is this woman!?

Postby Siku » 11 Feb 2016

Any chance of a screen shot or a description. Most of us are familiar with the film but not that familiar! Plus, as we've found in this thread timings vary depending on your format and release.

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Re: Who is this woman!?

Postby ctyankee » 11 Feb 2016

That's easy. It's the nighttime scene at the rear of Winkies, with the camera representing a first person viewpoint, just before we see The Bum by the fire.

I wrote about this at one point, I liked the idea that (whether deliberate or not) it conjures up the film Rear Window (1954). We know it is a rear window for the apartment complex because there are no doors. Whether this was simply happenstance or something set up by Lynch is mere conjecture.

And to answer your specific question, no idea who the woman is. I like the idea that it is Miss Lonelyhearts.

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