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Another theory

PostPosted: 20 Nov 2016
by nes74
I´m watching it again and I think the first part is not a dream, they really met eachother that way, I think Camilla-Rita was coming from commiting a murder, she wanted to kill Diane-Betty but ended killing someone else, since Diane-Betty switched apartments with her friend, in the movie we see a woman dead but it´s not Diane because she was wearing a long white bathrob when she commits suicide. The story is about a girl who has an aunt with good hollywood contacts, is a good actress and is respected, so clearly her niece is talented too and a good girl, but I think knowing Camilla-Rita by accident was her disgrace. At the beginning of the movie we see a Camila who comes from doing a the "job" since she has ties with the mafia, she acts like a manipulative bitch, for some reason I also think her plan was to steal Diane´s money, the one her aunt left her. All that makes me believe all is real since the beginning but the first part is like 5 years before the second part of the movie.