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Whispering at Club Silencio

PostPosted: 12 Feb 2018
by derekfnord
I watched the Club Silencio scene today, listening via headphones. As "Llorando" ends, and as Betty discovers the blue box in her purse, I heard quiet -- but definite -- whispers. I easily hear them (in headphones) clearly enough to identify them as whispers, but I can't make out what they're saying (if anything).

It might just be intended to be the muffled reaction of the rest of the audience to Rebekkah Del Rio's on-stage collapse, but I don't think so. The whispers definitely don't start until Betty removes the blue box from her purse, and Del Rio collapses several seconds before that.

I wonder whether anyone with the right skills/tools has isolated those whispers to hear if they say anything meaningful. If you've never noticed them, try listening to that point of the scene in headphones, and paying attention to the left channel when Betty removes the box from her purse.

Any thoughts?