Rate/rank Lynch's films from best to worst

Lost Highway, the Elephant Man, Twin Peaks, Blue Bob, Blue Velvet ... all other Lynch discussion here please
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Rate/rank Lynch's films from best to worst

Postby peirucalueva » 15 Nov 2014

1. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me - 10/10 (viscerally emotional, brave, brave, ugly/beautiful masterpiece; difficult to watch but oh so cathartic and brilliant on just about every level. that this incredibly compassionate picture was initially derided as misanthropic just shows how off-the-mark critics can be about Lynch.)
2. Blue Velvet - 10/10 (Lynch's most complete and formally perfect work. sure, it's more conventional than what followed, but it's the details, the strangeness on the edges of these frames of seeming normalcy, that makes the film thoroughly uncanny and effective. just a tremendous cinematic experience; see it in 35mm if you can.)
3. Lost Highway - 9/10 (joyride to hell, deranged yet seductively dreamlike. its open-ended nature on an interpretive level is wonderfully freeing. also, it's probably Lynch's most visually beautiful picture.)
4. The Straight Story - 9/10 (quiet, understated, quietly moving, and every bit as "Lynchian" as the rest.)
5. Mulholland Dr. - 8/10 (feels awkwardly structured and narratively a bit derivative of LH, but full of astonishing scenes. used to be easily my fave Lynch but now I do prefer the above four.)
6. Eraserhead - 6.5/10 (ugliness personified; it's masterful & beautifully photographed, but i don't much "like" it)
7. Inland Empire - 5/10 (a largely failed experiment without structure or cohesion, some kind of maddening joke; no wonder the film was written on the fly, with little pre-planning, as it all feels totally improvised to a fault.)
8. The Elephant Man - 4/10 (unremarkable, cloying after-school special that chokes on its own schmaltz; the rich B&W photography and Splet's sound design are the only great elements of this otherwise pretty bland movie.)
9. Wild at Heart - 3/10 (excessively excessive pre-Tarantino posturing without passion; sadly lacks the humanism that elevates Lynch above his imitators, although there are a few moving scenes scattered throughout.)

Have only seen the first 40ish minutes of Dune; loved the cinematography and production design, had mixed feelings about the acting/dialogue, but I think it has the potential to be a decent film when I get around to finishing it. Certainly a lush, vividly realized cinematic world.

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Re: Rate/rank Lynch's films from best to worst

Postby Siku » 18 Nov 2014


But it gets a bit hazey in the middle. To me they support and enrich one another, so independant evaluation is less meaningful. Any trip to Lynchville is a buzz. For me, now that I know MD like the back of my hand, a viewing of LH would probably be more rewarding.

Is the rating, 'Best IMO', or, ' Would most like to watch right now'?

I need to re-watch W@H but I remember being quite under-whelmed first time round.

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Re: Rate/rank Lynch's films from best to worst

Postby BlackLodgeDonut » 09 Apr 2015

Twin Peaks
Mulholland Drive
Blue Velvet
Inland Empire
The Straight Story
The Elephant Man
Fire Walk With Me
Lost Highway
Wild at Heart
*Haven't seen Dune...don't really care to either.
Where's Annie?

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