Wild at Heart

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Wild at Heart

Postby Siku » 02 Dec 2014

Watched for a second time this week (after twenty years), and was quite under-whelmed. In fact it slightly put me off David Lynch! So your help is badly needed.

Not that it was THAT bad, it was quite fun. But it has so many familiar Lynch tropes, themes and mannerisms handled much more blatantly, it was almost like a homage or rip-off.

One thing that did excite me was that it could serve as a rosetta-stone to understand his language, like watching a drunk magician and catching a glimpse behind the curtain at how the trick is done.

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Re: Wild at Heart

Postby ctyankee » 05 Dec 2014

Not a terrible film, just nothing to spend a lot of time analyzing either, in my view. It plays out like Reservoir Dogs (in a way). It's over-acting pulp fiction, which - by itself - is fine for pulp fiction. However, the difference is that Wild at Heart never comes across as sincere where Reservoir Dogs does. So, it's hard to me to get invested in something that the actors don't seem invested in.

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