Richard Green (The Magician) about his Cannes experience

David Lynch and his cast at Cannes 2001I was invited to a dinner before the screening of Mulholland Drive at Cannes. StudioCanal had a building a block away from the Palais. Everybody there was in tuxedos and there - all the heads of StudioCanal, David Lynch and Mary Sweeney and Angelo Badalamenti, Dan Hedaya and Justin Theroux and Naomi Watts and Laura Harring. It was just a wonderful dinner. Then we go out, and there were thirty Mercedes limos lined up. We're shuffled into the limos in some odd order. We drive one block and up to the red carpet and then get out of the limos.
The photographers went bananas! I've never seen so many flashbulbs and people straining at the ropes. We all congregate at the bottom and troop up the stairway. If you shot it for film you'd shoot in slow motion, because that's how it felt. Every step, there were thousands of flashbulbs going off. Then we go into the theater. The audience is already there, but they don't get up because we're coming in. But there is thunderous applause, and as we sit down they all stand up.


David Lynch at Cannes 2001

Cannes Film Festival 2001
Best Director

(tied with Joel Coen for "The Man Who Wasn't There")

Naomi Watts at the New York Film Critics Circle 2001

New York Film Critics Circle 2001
Best Picture


Los Angeles Film Critics Association 2001
Best Director


Boston Society of Film Critics Award 2001
Best Picture
Best Director


César Award

César Awards 2002 (France)
Best Foreign Film


National Society of Film Critics 2001
Best Picture
Best Actress (Naomi Watts)

New York Film Critics Online
Best Picture
Best Director
Best Score
Best Screenplay
Breakthrough Performance (Naomi Watts)



Online Film Critics Society 2001
Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actress (Naomi Watts)
Best Original Screenplay
Best Original Score (Badalamenti)
Best Breakthrough Performance (Naomi Watts)


Toronto Film Critics Association Awards
Best Director


San Diego Film Critics Society
Best Supporting Actress (Naomi Watts)

Las Vegas Film Critics Society
Best Supporting Actress (Naomi Watts)


2001 British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards
Winner Editing (Mary Sweeney)


Chicago Film Critics Awards
Best Picture
Best Director
Best Actress (Naomi Watts)


Independent Spirit Awards 2002
Best Cinematography (Peter Deming)


Chlotrudis Awards
Best Actress (Naomi Watts)
Best Movie (Tied with "Fa yeung nin wa")


ALMA awards
Best Actress (Laura Elena Harring)

National Board of Review
Best Breakthrough Performance by an Actress (Naomi Watts)

Naomi Watts at the Movieline Award 2001

1st Annual Movieline Award 2001
Breakthrough of the Year (Naomi Watts)

2002 Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards
Best Foreign Film - English Language

Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists
Best Director - Foreign Film



David Lynch at the Academy Awards 2001

2001 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Awards (Oscars) 
Nominated for Best Director
associated video clip (3.5 MB)

David Lynch at the AFI Awards 2001Naomi Watts at the AFI Awards 2001Laura Harring at the AFI Awards 2001

American Film Institute 2001 Awards for Motion Pictures
Nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress and Best Composer
associated video clip (10 MB)

David Lynch with Mary Sweeney at the oldeb Globe Awards 2001

2001 Golden Globes
Nominated for Best Film, Best Director, Best Score and Best Screenplay
associated video clip (3.6 MB)


2001 British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards
Nominated for Achievement in Music (Badalamenti)

Costume Designers Guild Awards
Excellence for Costume Design for Film - Contemporary (Amy Stofsky, Durinda Wood)


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