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Chinese writing in bedroom

During one scene at 1612 Havenhurst when Betty and Rita are talking (the dream place discussion) Rita is positioned next to a painting that has red Chinese writing on its frame.

Translation - (woodlouse/pegasus82/yalelynn)

Typically the picture is given by a couple (to aunt Ruth?) as a gift, so both co-signed on lower left corner of the frame. The occasion is to celebrate something to the receiver, e.g. birthday, marriage. There are 8 characters - the 6 on top, vertically 3 each, are names:

  • On the left it is "Huang Kaiqiang", a male name.

  • On the right it is a female name "Liu Zhu'ai" (liu = surname, ai = love). Note that "Liu Zhu'ai" and "detains the love" are homophones in Chinese.

  • The lower two character are "jinghe" meaning "respectfully congratulate"

= "Huang Kaiqiang & Liu Zhu'ai respectfully congratulate!"

I am positive the right side of the frame, there are four Chinese characters saying: "Kai Ye Zhi Qing". Translated into English, it is "Grand Opening Celebration!". On top of it is the names of another couple - it means the painting was not for aunt Ruth. And the black label on the bottom means: made by XXX arts & crafts products factory in China. - (Eagle Huang/Robby wu)