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Possible connections:

Hollywood Homicide (2003)

Mulholland Dr. (2001)

Both films have the obligatory aerial shot of the Hollywood Sign:

Two pairs of detectives, both finding an earring at the scene of a crime. Also note the similar chat:

In Hollywood Homicide the senior detective utters on the finding:
"Could be something, could be nothing." 

Domgaard: "Could be unrelated."
McKnight: "Could be." 

Protagonists rehearse a scene to be performed/auditioned later in the film. Each time the "non-actor" is doing a lousy job:

Producers Gerry vs. Wally are exhibiting awards in wooden display cabinets:

Man in black takes his frustration out on a limo over the occupant who causes his firing:

Detectives in Hollywood Homicide are ordered to a corral, similarly to Adam Kesher: