Sixteen Reasons Why I love you

Written by Bill and Doree Post
Performed by Connie Stevens 

(Sixteen Reasons) Why I love you.

(1)...The way you hold my hand
(2)...Your laughing eyes
(3)...The way you understand
(4)...Your secret sighs

They're all part of sixteen reasons
Why I love you

(5)...The way you comb your hair
(6)...Your freckled nose
(7)...The way you say you care
(8)...Your crazy clothes

That's just half of sixteen reasons
Why I love you

(9)...Snuggling in the car
(10)...Your wish upon a star
(11)...Whispering on the phone
(12)...Your kiss when we're alone
(13)...The way you thrill my heart
(14)...Your voice so neat
(15)...You say we'll never part
(16)...Our loves complete

Those are all of sixteen reasons
Why I love you

(Sixteen Reasons) Why I love you

Carol with backup singers

"16 Reasons Why I Love You" video clip (4 MB)

John Neff (MD sound designer) on why this song wasn't included on the Mulholland Dr. OST:
"We actually ran into a snafu with this movie, one of the songs in the film is not on the soundtrack album because the licensing fees and the other requirements were so far and beyond what the other artists were getting, that the record company said ‘No, we’re not going to do it.’ So there’s already a major song from the film that’s not on the soundtrack CD. The record company does their artist and themselves a disservice by doing that. I’m not badmouthing them, but I’m just speaking in concept. If for a few thousand bucks, you prevent your artist from being on a soundtrack CD, and selling to a whole new audience all over again, they might go out and buy stuff from the catalog that you still own. I mean, that sounds pretty stupid to me."


I've told every little star

Written by Jerome Kern & Oscar Hammerstein II
Performed by Linda Scott

I've told every little star
Just how sweet I think you are
Why haven't I told you

I've told ripples in a brook
Made my heart an open book
Why haven't I told you

Friends ask me "am I in love"
I always answer "yes"
Might as well confess
If I don't they guess

Maybe you may know it too
Oh my darling if you do
Why haven't you told me

Blond Camilla

"I've told every little star" video clip (6 MB)

Dumm, du dumm (ringtone)

The original song is from Jerome Kern's and Oscar Hammerstein II's 1932 show MUSIC IN THE AIR. 
It was later recorded by sixteen-year-old Linda Scott and reached #3 in the Billboard Singles Chart in 1961. 
There was also a notable jazz rendition by Sonny Rollins.



Written by Roy Orbison
Spanish adaptation by Thania Sanz
Performed by
Rebekah Del Rio


Yo estaba bien por un tiempo
volviendo a sonreír
Luego anoche te vi
tu mano me tocó
y el saludo de tu voz
Y hablé muy bien
y tú sin saber
que he estado
llorando por tu amor
llorando por tu amor
Luego de tu adiós
sentí todo mi dolor
Sola y llorando, llorando, llorando
No es fácil de entender
que al verte otra vez
yo esté llorando

Yo que pensé que te olvidé
pero es verdad, es la verdad
que te quiero aun más
mucho más que ayer
Dime tú que puedo hacer
¿No me quieres ya?
Y siempre estaré 
llorando por tu amor
llorando por tu amor
Tu amor se llevó
todo mi corazón
Y quedo llorando, llorando, llorando, llorando
por tu amor

Rebekah Del Rio


Official music downloads:

Llorando (Film version).mp3
Llorando (Band version).mp3

Llorando (Fan Tribute).mp3 (Thread)

Orbison's "Crying" on youtube

I was alright for a while
I could smile for a while
but I saw you last night
you held my hand so tight
as you stopped to say hello
oh you wished me well
you couldn't tell
that I'd been 
crying over you
crying over you
and you said so long
left me standing all alone
alone and crying crying crying crying
it's hard to understand
but the touch of your hand
can start me crying

I thought that I was over you
but it's true so true
I love you even more 
than I did before
but darling what can I do
for you don't love me
and I'll always be 
crying over you
crying over you
yes now you're gone
and from this moment on
I'll be crying, crying, crying, crying
over you

Bring It On Home

Written by Willie Dixon
Performed by Sonny Boy Williamson

Baby, baby,
I'm gonna bring it on home to you

I done bought my ticket, I got my load
Conductor done hollered, "All, aboard"
Take my seat and ride way back,
And watch this train move down the track

Baby, baby,
I'm gonna bring it on home to you

I think about the good times I once have had
Soul got happy now, my heart got glad
I think about the way you love me too
You can bet your life, I'm comin home to you

I'm goin home,
I'm gonna bring it on home, now
I'm gonna bring it on home, now
I'm gonna bring it on home, now
Gonna bring it on home,
Bring it on home to you

Sonny Boy Williamson

The song has been made more popular by a rendition of Led Zeppelin.

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