MulhollandDr.-TheMakingOf (reviewed by blu)

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David Lynch at work"The Making of Mulholland Dr." is a 23-minute bonus featurette included on DVD releases outside the USA & UK. To me at least, quite how and why decisions are taken on what to include on what releases, and whether David Lynch has any influence over this is not clear.
Whilst it is in not in itself massively revealing, hardened MD addicts will appreciate simply seeing some footage of these guys just milling around and shooting MD. 

The format is pretty much what anyone accustomed with other "Making Of..." films would expect. Lots of talking heads on-set are interspersed with clips of the film, and not much screen-time for Lynch himself. There are a couple of things worth noting though. There are 3 sections of the film where we see a little behind-the-camera stuff...


David Lynch 1

David Lynch 2

Justin Theroux

Laura Elena Harring

Naomi Watts