The number


  • Diane is obviously living in Sierra Bonita apartment #17. 1+7=8, 8 = infinity

#17 in Tarot = The Star:
The Star of Hope, it brings hope, faith, new opportunities and optimism to any part of the spread where it falls. Indicates that things will go well in the future. Illumination and inspiration that when acted upon brings our dreams and wishes to fruition. Any rough patches will smooth out and indicates an improvement in health. In a career reading past efforts will be appreciated and rewarded. Could be pursuing educational or artistic matters. Expansion.


The number


  • At Sierra Bonita, someone named A. Gonzales, lives in apartment #16. In the listing of names in the West Courtyard, Gonzales's name stands out from the rest because it is highlighted in yellow (Sierra Bonita Apartment Listing).

  • At the Park Hotel, Adam is staying in #16. Cookie (who is Hispanic) tells him two guys were looking for him and that whoever he's hiding from, they know where he is. However, in "real life" at apartment #17, the neighbor tells Diane two detectives came by again looking for her, making Diane think that sooner or later they're going to find out where she is.
    From an interview with Geno Silva (Cookie) in Wrapped in Plastic #57:
    "David is standing there with this little pot of gold paint and a brush, and he's painting the number on the door! (laughter) And he's into this number thing - it's one-six, because it has to add up to seven..."

  • Diane Selwyn lives at "2590 Sierra Bonita".  2+5+9+0 add up to 16.

  • "1612 Havenhurst": address of Aunt Ruth's apartment where Betty is staying with Rita.
    Note that Diane, in reality, switched apartments with her neighbor from #12 to #17".

  • "Sixteen Reasons Why I Love You" the song of the first actress (Carol) auditioned by Adam on the 60s styled movie set.

  • When Adam is calling Cynthia from Cookie's downtown, he is jesting: "Should I wear my ten gallon hat and my six shooters?"

  • The 17th card of the Major Arcana, assigned the number 16 in the Tarot, is The Tower: "This card is one of renovation, this is a card that shakes and removes everything that is not built on a firm foundation. This card will shatter our illusions and we will face the truth of the matters. This is a card of putting faith to the test. If we have truly learned our lessons we will be ok. If we have not or have just been playing, we will be left broken and crippled." »more

  • Note: 16 is the end of the age of innocence.

Dwarfland board

Door to Adam's room at Park Hotel

Mathematical oddities:


  • According to actor Geno Silva ("Cookie" -- interviewed in Wrapped in Plastic #57), he arrived at the set of the sleazy hotel (actually filmed in the upper offices of the theatre where Club Silencio was shot) to see Lynch himself painting the number 16 on the door. Silva says that for Lynch the numbers had to add up to 7; that for some unexplained reason, Lynch has a fascination with the number 7.

  • When the Castigliane brothers arrive at the parking lot of Ryan Entertainment, there is a sign that reads:
    1.25 each 15 minutes
    3.50 all day Saturday and Sunday
    Adding up the numbers on the left-hand-side only: 1+2+5+3+5=16; 1+6=7

  • The Street Address for Sierra Bonita Apartments is 2590 (2+5+9+0=16; 1+6=7)

  • There are seven pieces of dog poo in Havenhurst courtyard.

Dog poo

The Number


As the two men walk along the side of the diner - just outside of where they had been eating. In sign order, we see:

  • A large 6 on a yellow sign for a steak dinner

  • A large 6 on another yellow sign for a pork dinner

  • A very small 6 on a small black/slate sign 

The Number


  • 5 main characters: Betty, Rita, Adam, Diane, Camilla.

  • Betty’s address in Los Angeles is 1612 Havenhurst. 1+6 = 7, 12 – 7 = 5.

  • Adam’s room at Cookie’s hotel is 16. 6-1 = 5.

  • The song in the film audition is 16 reasons. 6-1 = 5.

  • Diane moved from apartment 12 to apartment 17. 17 – 12 = 5.

  • Adam lives at 6980, Mulholland Drive. 6+9+8+0 = 23. 2+3 = 5.


meaningless numerology

  • When the car wreck is being searched there is a fire truck and an ambulance present. Written on the ambulance is, of course, 911. Written on the fire truck is 119.

  • "Sixty nine" is a sexual position, which is particularly relevant as Diane is a psychotic lesbian and it is her ex-lover that tells her the address.

  • "Eighty" is a combination of the numerals "8" and "0", both of which topographically represent literal loops that are similar to the narrative of Mulholland Drive that runs in a loop (Lynch is fascinated by circles, check the narrative of Lost Highway). Both the numerals "8" and "0" are symbols for infinity/eternity etc. Lynch knows his film theory, psychoanalysis, Freud, Lacan and dream imagery etc and these numbers were careful choices from a clever director who understands his characters' psychoses. - (mark-garvey)

  • As we zoom into the Club Silencio in the parking lot, there is an infinity symbol (8) etched on the parking lot. 


Club Silencio parking lot

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