Dwarfland BoardMulholland Drive, The Art Department Credits 
(with or without Lynch's approval) decided to get cute:

Saumel J. Tell is a set dresser
Bobby L. Vaughn is the toolman
Steve A. Hagberg is a construction coordinator
David Long is a propmaker gang boss
Jerry J. Schultz is a propmaker/gangboss
L.J. DeRosa (Laura J. DeRosa) is the construction buyer
H. Hanna (Hugh Hanna) is a foreman

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One thing I never got around to following up on is how many of the "actors" also work in the crew of Mulholland Dr. and/or have other connections in the movie. - (unc84steve)


Character Profession

Sean E. Markland

Cab Driver at LAX

Property Master

Angelo Badalamenti

Luigi Castigliane

Original Music & Conductor

Charlie Croughwell

Vacuum Man

Stunts Coordinator 

Lafayette Montgomery


Producer on "Twin Peaks" and "Wild at Heart"

Lisa Ferguson

1st Assistant Camera

2nd Assistant Camera

Cori Glazer

Blue-haired Lady

Script Supervisor

Sean Coffey


Editor Apprentice


A couple other "behind the scenes" connections:


Character Connection

Kate Forster

Martha Johnson

Daughter of Robert Johnson who played Detective McKnight

Katharine Towne


Daughter of screenwriter Robert Towne


Cast and crew members who have worked with Lynch before:


Profession other films

Michael Polaire


The Straight Story

Mary Sweeney


Inland Empire, The Straight Story, Lost Highway, Hotel Room, Twin Peaks

Peter Deming


Lost Highway, On the Air

Jack Fisk

Production Designer 

The Straight Story, On the Air, Eraserhead

Angelo Badalamenti


Darkened Room, Rabbits, Lost Highway, Hotel Room, On the Air, Wild at Heart, Twin Peaks, Industrial Symphony #1, Blue Velvet

Michael J. Anderson

Mr. Roque

Twin Peaks, Industrial Symphony #1

Jeanne Bates

Irene (old lady)



These actresses are just name sakes:

Lisa Ferguson

1st AC

Lisa Ferguson

Jitterbug Dancer