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Park Hotel = Silencio - (gandalf36)
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Diane and the Call Girl business

Hairy-armed Man We see that the place the Hairy-Armed Man is in is similar to the apartment Adam rented from Cookie at the Park Hotel, because of its run down state. When Adam shows up at the Park Hotel, it is difficult to understand why a man of his prominence would choose such a seedy hotel when he still thought he had access to all of his money. However, the logic of the dream suggests that this was where Diane ended up at one point in her life. And when the Hairy-Armed Man calls Diane, he doesn't use a normal phone number. It seems more like a number that connects him to an extension within the same building. This is very telling because we know the Hairy-Armed Man is calling Diane. However, rather than calling her at her current location at 2590 Sierra Bonita, he seems to be calling her at a place where she lived at some time in the past, at some place like the Park Hotel where perhaps she first became involved in the call girl business. In her dream, we see many elements of her past and her present merge together and by decoding which is which, we begin to understand her state of mind better. So the phone chain makes an important connection between where she was and what she is doing now. - (Alan Shaw)

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Cookie with Adam You probably notice that Cookie's Hotel is very dirty. You can't seriously consider Adam taking a room there: he is too rich for that. However, we are in Diane's dream and probably at some moment, she had to live in that hotel because she had not enough money to go somewhere else. It is easy to imagine the scene: Cookie knocking at her door to announce her that her credit card is cancelled and that she has to pay for the room immediately. It is exactly that kind of humiliation that she is imaging for Adam: it explains the discussion between Adam and Cookie and between Adam and his secretary.
In reality, you can imagine the kind of discussion between Cookie and Diane: he may have told her that he knew people in the movies or people from the Mafia controlling that business and that he could help her to find a job...Of course Diane believed him and this is why you see Adam in good terms with Cookie. And I suppose that in the chain of phone calls, that hairy arm taking the phone on the wall is Cookie's arm too. Diane is dreaming that he is calling her from his hotel to transmit her that the Mafia is looking for an actress "because the girl is still missing". - (gandalf36)

The displacement of Cookie's hotel into the Club Silencio does indeed seem to agree with the style of dream interpretation we know as Freudian, or even Jungian. It also perhaps seems reasonable to think that Diane may have spent time in this dirty hotel, and that she may have had similar money-related talks with Cookie. The strange news that men from Adam Kesher's bank have visited, in the night, to comment upon Kesher's bank balance could be seen as a clumsy dream-attempt by Diane to put Kesher into an uncomfortable situation, like many of the other scenes he must undergo. But Cookie is essentially sympathetic; he and Adam seem to know each other well, and this relationship also indicates that Adam has some level of street-knowledge. It is very strange, however, that Cookie should essentially slam the door in Adam's face, at the end of their conversation. - (Rochas)

The red lampshade located at Park Hotel?

Diane at Park Hotel? #17 Sierra Bonita is originally Camilla’s apartment. It kinda makes some sense. Camilla is living there until she stars in The Sylvia North Story, starts getting herself some money together, and meets Kesher. Now she can afford a better place, or even move in with Kesher… if they’re getting engaged it’s feasible.
Meanwhile, Diane arrived in LA and holed herself up somewhere worse (I don’t think that she’s been in LA that long)… perhaps the Park Hotel. Camilla moves out of #17, but the rent is paid up for a certain amount of time, so Camilla lets her part-time girlfriend Diane (whom she met fairly recently on TSNS) move in there. Note how sparse Diane’s possessions seem to be: no TV shown etc, the place looks barely lived in recently – indicative of somebody who may have moved in from temporary accommodation such as a hotel. 
Could the location of that red lampshade be the Park Hotel, and Diane was returning there regularly? Would it be strange for someone with a relatively longstanding agreement to put an answer machine message in a hotel room (could it even be provided by the hotel room)? And why do I still have my doubts that it is actually Diane’s voice on that answer machine message, goddammit? - (blu)

I connect the scenes where Adam is hiding at Park Hotel with the moment where Diane ran away from home to avoid the detectives (after Camilla's kidnapping). The make-up shown to disguise Rita (actually Rita has no make-up on herself) in blonde is an echo of her own attempts to disguise herself as a brunette prostitute. The Park hotel is likely to be an hotel for prostitutes. (This could explain why she dreams of Joe looking for a brunette prostitute. And/or that Camilla was a former prostitute. Rebekah should be a prostitute too.). After a few weeks Diane is ejected by Cookie (Diane's coke provider) and with no more money, she decided to go back home to commit suicide. - (gandalf36)

Was Adam killed at Park Hotel?

First, we've seen how the hitman operates. It is hardly a stretch to imagine him taking out Adam in the process of killing Camilla. In fact, I think it's a bit of a stretch to imagine him killing ONLY Camilla. This guy murdered a vacuum sweeper for crying out loud. Check out the scene where Linney James, the casting director, takes Betty to meet Adam. In this scene Linney tells Betty, "Now we want to take you across and introduce you to a director who's a head above the rest. He's got a project you will kill." Notice she omits the word "for". Then Linney says excitedly, "Knock right out of the park." ...Right out of the Park Hotel - the hotel where Adam is staying. - (fornus)

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Set Trivia - Geno Silva (Cookie) in interview

"We go up to rehearse with David, and they show me the original scene. Originally, the scene you saw - the one in the rundown hotel where I come up and tell Adam Kesher that information - was set in the Beverly Hills Hotel, which is an entire other world. In the scene, he's holing up at the Beverly Hills Hotel and this rather effete, up-tight concierge is giving him a hard time about his credit cards being maxed out. They say he can't stay there any more, and he was to get out. Can you imagine how many hundreds of thousands of dollars I saved them not having to shoot at the Beverly Hills Hotel?
Door to #16 at Park HotelWhat happened was this. This old Tower Theater has one of these really steep balconies that goes up to the catacombs. Way up there are these old, crumbling offices. I get up there, and David is standing there with this little pot of gold paint and a brush, and he's painting the number on the door! (Laughter) And he's into this number thing - it's one-six, because it has to add up to seven. Without stopping he looks over to his left and says, "Geno! I'm so glad. It's going to be some fun."
I guess he had gone up there and found these old, crumbling offices. They were really in ratty, horrible condition. The ceilings were falling in. And he sent some people downtown to buy some electric Virgin Marys and other stuff to trick out the room. he made it look like a flop house.
He has that kind of creative mind to pull it off. Remember that pachuco thing I'd written? He loved that and wanted to use it again in the film. We're working on this scene, and he said, "Put in some of the pachuco stuff." So I did. I rearranged some of the dialogue and showed it to him, and he said, "Yeah! That's great." And we did it in one take. We rehearsed it a couple of times, and what you see is the first take. It was amazing!" I loved it."

Wrapped in Plastic #57

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The Park hotel sign is also seen at the end of "Inventing The Abbotts" (1997).