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Rita in front of Saharan MotelI've been to LA four times and have stayed at the Saharan Motel every time. It appears in MD. Just where Rita crosses Sunset. It's a bizarre place and the characters that stay there could fit very easily in MD. It has a huge ancient colourful neon sign and it's a pity that we don't see it in the film. The place is like a time warp from another era. I've also driven along Mulholland Drive several times. It's an eerie place high above Hollywood. It winds all over the place with some fabulous houses and views along it. It's the kind of place where you feel that you don't fit in or belong. You just want to get out quickly even though it's so beautiful. It makes you feel so lonely and gives you the creeps.
After being there, what impresses me about DL is that he's got the mood and spirit of the place exactly right in the film. How we watch MD is exactly how Hollywood and Mulholland Drive is like in real life. - (eel)