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Sierra Bonita West-Courtyard    Sierra Bonita West-Courtyard

David Lynch's magical mystery tour across Sierra Bonita West Courtyard






Sierra Bonita West-Courtyard (1) - (7)


Sierra Bonita West-Courtyard (8) - (11)


Sierra Bonita West-Courtyard (12) - (18)

(1) Betty and Rita entering SB West-Courtyard by the door of that bungalow opposite #12
Flaw: How did they get there in the first place? There's no passage nearby.

(2) They're heading right. Notice the stone pillar A.

(3) Next they hit the main walkway. There's a gate visible in the back behind which we can see cars passing. Betty is looking in straight angle at #12.
Flaw: She doesn't recognize the number sign that is clearly readable. See (10)






(4) The couple takes a left and heads down the walkway. Note: An orange bulb sits in that socket of pillar B.

(5) They're passing by this door. While Betty and Rita are seen walking downwards, the camera movement is incorrespondingly upwards. 

(6) A look back to where they came from.

Flaw: Pillar A of (2) is gone. We now see it covered by a mysterious bush. Likely a requisite.






(7) The girls get to and make a turn at the bungalow opposite #17. Compare its mirrored front shape with (17)

Flaw: There's no number sign attached to the wooden column as shown at #17. Apparently apt numbers at Sierra Bonita are displayed like this.

(8) We are thrown across the courtyard - suddenly bungalow #12 comes into sight.

(9) So Betty and Rita have found number #12. Or have they?
Flaw: To our surprise we now
see them facing #17. Compare this to (16)






(10) Back again at the real location of #12. From her viewpoint, Rita could easily be reading the door number as could have Betty in shot (3).

(11) In the background we see the doorway of that bungalow, they started their search for #12 from, see shot (1)

(12) "She's in 17. That's down at the end on the left." An accurate description - Betty and Rita walk off with mixed feelings.
Flaw: This time the stone pillar B behind Betty is missing the bulb. Compare to shot (4). Possible explanation: Shots are from different sessions.






(13) Our couple is moving down the walkway towards #17.
One particular bungalow attracts their attention.

(14) It looks abandoned but the door light is still switched on.
Flaw: This shot is a retake of that bungalow seen in shot (5). This time it appears on the right longitudinal path.

(15) Just a few more steps before they reach #17

at long last.






(16) "This is the apartment."
Actually they come to stop at the same spot we found them in shot (9), which at the time was in front of #12.

(17) Betty tries the door. But hold on - isn't there something wrong with the frontside compared to what we just saw in (15)? Try and spot at least three differences

(18) Well, seconds turned months. Even the tall bush to the left (15) is suddenly defoliated probably again due to a mash-up of different sessions. - END -