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Rita is real

If one splits the film in scenes and arranges the scenes in chronological order (what I assume is chronologically correct) the story goes like this:

The blonde girl wins this contest, gets to L.A., wants to be an actress she meets Camilla at the audition, Camilla helps her get roles and their affair starts. Everything goes as we know, Diane hires a hitman to kill Camilla cause she is jealous, finds the key, thinks Camilla is dead, kills herself when the memories, the expectations and remorse hit her. 
Camilla is not dead. She stumbles in to a place she knows, her mother in law is a landlady in this house. She doesn't remember anything but starts gathering the pieces of her memory. In my theory Betty exists only in Camilla's imagination/dream. She finds this key (to open her memory), finds her ex-lover dead (the neighbour obviously knew her) she remembers things like the lyrics and the words of the show they play in this theatre and how they had sex. She finds this memorybox from the theatre and when she is about to open it she remembers everything. That's why and when the Betty of her imagination disappears suddenly. The aunt comes back and finds the apartment empty, Camilla has left. The end. - (Samppa)