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The dream was a movie

I had this idea from the top of my head, maybe the first part of MD is not really a dream of Diane, but one of the movies Diane and Camilla starred in together... I am trying to review in my memories the details in the reality part, to see if they are actual evidences that proves what is said at the dinner is directly linked to what we assume in the "dream". 
In this case, the dinner party would be a post movie party, and Adam would just be an actor and not a director and it explains why we find all the same actors from the first part, under different names... That is all about cinema! Same people, under different identities, playing written roles. Maybe the first part is not just a "documentary" about the movie they shot, but an altered recollection of memories from this movie by Diane in her dream (confusion of personality between Diane's roles and her identity). My hints are:

  • Adam never states his job in the reality part.

  • Only Coco is presented as Adam's mother, maybe Diane only knew her professionally on the set, but never got the opportunity to talk to her personally, and didn't know Coco was Adam's mother.

  • The party looks like a production's wrap-up party, maybe on location (we don't know if it is actually Adam's house). Camilla gives her the address because Diane never worked on the set of 6980 MD.

  • That explains why they wait up for Diane for the dinner. She was Camilla's supporting actress.

  • At the party we have the following characters from the "dream" part:
    Camilla as Rita, Diane as Betty Elms, Adam Kesher as Adam, Coco Lenoix as Coco, Badalamenti as Luigi Castigliane, Blondie kisser as Blonde Camilla Rhodes, the Cowboy as himself, Wilkins as ... (where is Wilkins? WILKINS!)

  • Maybe this movie was a mess for Camilla and Diane, they had intimate relationship during the shooting, but Camilla went out with Adam (the lead actor) in the end. 

  • Of course the Sierra Bonita apt. "looks" the same in the movie and the reality where Diane lives in the end. Could be distorted dream recollection, or just a different place (we know some details don't match look here). - (HarryTuttle)

Those scenes made me think about one aspect of Mulholland that has maybe been underrated: how much is the story about the making of the movie involved with the main and actual story. I often had impressions of real life mixed with that on the screen, while thinking about Diane and Camilla. Is it possible that perhaps some parts of Mulholland are actually showing a movie in which Diane and Camilla are in the roles of pretty much the same persons from real life? Two hints comes to mind for this: when Betty tells to Rita something like "C'mon it'll be like in the movies, we'll pretend to be someone else". Maybe this is the same hint like when she said "And now I'm in this dream-place...". If that hint tells us that we're in the dream in that moment, maybe whole story also has this dimension about the making of movie. Also, remember when Diane and Camilla were arguing at the door of her flat at Sierra Bonita - I think Camilla had more than usual Spanish accent here? It made the whole scene kinda unusual when comparing it with the general mood of the film - almost like ripped from some Latino American soap series. - (Petar)

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