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The möbius strip theory

Möbius strip

Möbius Strip

Rita gets sucked into the blue box (Departing). Blue box falls to the ground. Ruth looks in as she thought she heard something. Nothing there, so she helps gather her luggage with the cab driver and takes it out to the cab. Camilla wakes from the bushes and enters the apartment (Arriving) while Ruth stands by the cab. She hides under the table as Ruth retrieves her keys from the top of the table.

After the blue box falls, the man behind Winkie’s places the box in a bag and sends the old couple for Diane. She sits alone on her couch, waiting for them. They arrive to get her while Camilla is under the table, Diane rushes into the bedroom and commits suicide. Smoke bellows as the old couple take Diane to LAX to enter the sequence as Betty (Arrival).

Camilla under the table dreams of a series of phone calls that ends up with Diane’s phone the last to ring (calling Diane into the dream). Betty arrives at Havenhurst as Camilla undresses in Aunt Ruth’s bedroom and gets into the shower. Betty gets a key from Coco, walks past the table, which now has a bowl of red bell peppers on top. Meets Camilla and starts their adventure. The adventure ends with Rita being sucked into the blue box. Betty backs out (Departing) before Rita opens the box because she needs to be at LAX at the same time. (Back to top)
Camilla is killed at the site of the wreck represented by the smoke. Diane is killed in her bedroom represented by the smoke.

Betty and Rita are now trapped in a dream place to forever revolve around the same scenario. Camilla leaves Havenhurst as she arrives and Betty leaves Havenhurst as she arrives.