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Thread: Adam and Camilla Strike Back! - (fornus)

The old couple represent Adam and Camilla


  • First, we've seen how the hitman operates. It is hardly a stretch to imagine him taking out Adam in the process of killing Camilla. In fact, I think it's a bit of a stretch to imagine him killing ONLY Camilla. This guy murdered a vacuum sweeper for crying out loud. Check out the scene where Linney James, the casting director, takes Betty to meet Adam. In this scene Linney tells Betty, "Now we want to take you across and introduce you to a director who's a head above the rest. He's got a project you will kill." Notice she omits the word "for". Then Linney says excitedly, "Knock right out of the park." ...Right out of the Park Hotel - the hotel where Adam is staying.

  • I think it is pretty clear that the blue box represents the truth of Diane's actions. The truth that she has locked away and tried to forget. Now with the blue box in mind, check out the scene showing Rita lying on Aunt Ruth's bed. She is in the same fetal pose that we later see the corpse lying in, and Betty is checking her temperature (is she dead?). In the background we see an open blue box (Betty's suitcase) sitting on the bed.

  • Now let's rewind back to the airport. We see Betty leaving the airport with the old couple. She is carrying, not one, but two blue suitcases. After the old couple leave, Betty turns around and exclaims, "My bags?" when she sees that her suitcases are missing. This line is kind of funny. Betty could have said, "My luggage?" or "My suitcases?", but she said "bags" which is the only word that could refer to both the old couple and the two blue suitcases.

  • Betty's relationship with the old couple is an almost perfect repetition of Diane's relationship with Camilla and Adam. At first we see Betty and Irene arm in arm riding down an escalator. The old guy is nowhere to be seen. Then, outside of the airport, the old man shows up and takes Irene away. A few minutes later we see the old couple driving away wearing sinister grins that suggests their kindness toward Betty was not sincere. Now compare this to Diane's experience on Mulholland Drive. Camilla takes Diane by the hand and leads her up the hill. At the top of the hill they are met by Adam and he takes Camilla away from Diane. Later, we see Camilla and Adam whispering and laughing uncontrollably as they try to make their announcement. They seem to be enjoying themselves at Diane's expense. Perhaps Camilla's love for Diane was never sincere. Remember their announcement led directly to the scene where Diane hires the hitman. Also notice the similarities between Adam's glasses and the old man's glasses.

  • Finally, at the end of the movie the monster behind Winkies sets down a paper bag. Inside the bag we see the blue box, some raw meat (death), and a beverage can's tab (something's been opened...). Then the old couple crawl out of the bag. They are on their way to Diane's to seek vengeance because she had them murdered. They - are Adam and Camilla.