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Blue Book on bathroom table

Tout ParisTout Paris - The source guide to the art of French decoration

A highly informative resource for locating antique and fine contemporary art, art materials, and related services. Each entry provides address, telephone and fax numbers, hours, price range, whether English is spoken, and a brief description of the business's specialty.

Symbolic of transition

Rita knows that the reason she is a target has something to do with her Camilla image, and therefore she is looking to change her image before it is too late. That is why we see the French blue book on redecorating, because after all, it offers a discussion on how to transform an image. The book is also a blue object, so it indicates some type of transition from one state to another. However, Rita/Camilla is Spanish, while Betty/Diane is from Canada where the French language and culture is more accessible. It's interesting, that Rita Hayworth, the star Rita borrowed her name from, was not Rita Hayworth's real name and in fact she was Hispanic and to have her Hispanic background erased she was sent for electrolysis to raise her hairline. So the French book seems to suggest that Betty/Diane would have Rita/Camilla change her ethnic and cultural identity as well as other more external attributes, like the hair that Rita initially was going to cut shorter. - (Alan Shaw)

It is fairly obvious that the book Tout Paris (All Paris) with its Contempt blue cover is a visual clue for us to find. Further, Lynch borrows from Godard's movie Breathless as well. Breathless is also takes place all in Paris. Are the scissors there as a hint that he is more than "borrowing something from the book" (so to speak)? - (ctyankee)

The blue monolith in 2001Some people have pointed out possible 2001: A Space Odyssey connections within this film. The final scenes with Dave and the monolith (after the stargate scenes) are shot in what has been described as a 'Louis Seize' room. That is that Stanley Kubrick decorated the room in the style of Louis XVI, French Monarch in the late 1700's. Apparently the intention was to suggest (according to Arthur C. Clarke) that an Alien intelligence had created the room in accordance of a TV signal they had received from earth. - (blu-riven)

A connection?

  • The book about French decoration at Ruth's apartment

  • Coco Lenoix is a French name

  • Club Silencio is design with French elements

  • The magician is talking French (see Languages)

A pun?

Tout Paris = two pairs?

Betty/Rita vs. Diane/Camilla