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 David Lynch


Main Characters

Naomi Watts

Betty Elms

Naomi Watts

Diane Selwyn

Laura Elena Harring


Laura Elena Harring

Camilla Rhodes

Melissa George

Blonde Camilla Rhodes

Justin Theroux

Adam Kesher

Ann Miller

Catherine 'Coco' Lenoix


Phone Call Chain

Michael J. Anderson

Mr. Roque, Mob King Pin

Joseph Kearney

Roque's Manservant

Enrique Buelna

Back of Head Man

Richard Mead

Hairy-Armed Man


1612 Havenhurst

Lee Grant

Louise Bonner

Maya Bond

Aunt Ruth Elms

Desi Singh

First Cab Driver


Ed's Shabby Office

Mark Pellegrino

Joe Messing, Hitman

Vincent Castellanos


Diane Nelson

Heavy-Set Woman

Charles Croughwell

Vacuum Man



Rena Riffel

Laney, Streetwalker

Michael Des Barres

Billy Deznutz, Pimp


Casting Set

Elizabeth Lackey


Brian Beacock

Backup Singer #1

Blake Lindsley

Backup Singer #2

Adrien Curry

Backup Singer #3

Tyrah M. Lindsey

Backup Singer #4

Michael D. Weatherred

Hank, Assistant Director

Michael Fairman

Jason Goldwyn, Studio Manager


Sierra Bonita

Johanna Stein

Woman in #12

Lyssie Powell

Blond in Bed (Corpse)


Jitterbug Contest

Kimberly Clever


Joshua Collazo


David Frutos


Peter Loggins


Lisa Ferguson


Theresa Salazar


Thea Samuels


Christian Thompson


Betty Adam Rita Dan Bum Herb Diane Mr. Roque Camilla Blond Camilla Joe Coco Ed Cowboy DeRosa Luigi Castigliane Blue-Haired Lady Irene's companion Rebekah Del Rio Gene Aunt Ruth Cookie Lorraine Vincenzo Castigliane Woody Louise Bonner Wally Brown Bob Brooker Irene Vincent Darby Ray Hott Detective McKnight Detective Domgaard Laney Wilkins Magician Waitress Carol Julie Chadwick Vacuum Man Linney James Nicki Martha Johnson 2nd assistant director Robert Smith Heavy-set woman Kenny Jason Goldwyn Cynthia Espresso Man

Limo Crash


Detective Harry McKnight

Robert Forster

Detective Neal Domgaard

Brent Briscoe

Limo Driver

Scott Wulff




Patrick Fischler


Michael Cooke


Bonnie Aarons

Waitress Diane/Betty

Melissa 'Missy' Crider




Jeanne Bates

Irene's Companion

Dan Birnbaum

Cab Driver at LAX

Sean Everett

Ryan Board


Luigi Castigliane

Angelo Badalamenti

Vincenzo Castigliane

Dan Hedaya

Ray Hott

Robert Katims

Vincent Darby

Marcus Graham

Espresso Man

Tom Morris

Valet Attendant

Daniel Rey

Castigliane Limo Driver

Matt Gallini

Robert Smith

David Schroeder

6980 Mulholland Dr.


Lorraine Kesher

Lori Heuring


Billy Ray Cyrus


Tad Horino


Tony Longo


Scott Coffey

Park Hotel / Corral


Cynthia Jenzen

Katharine Towne

Cookie, Emcee

Geno Silva


Lafayette Montgomery



Wally Brown

James Karen

Jimmy 'Woody' Katz

Chad Everett

Bob Brooker

Wayne Grace

Linney James

Rita Taggart

Nicki Pelazza

Michele Hicks

Martha Johnson

Kate Forster

Julie Chadwick

Lisa K. Ferguson

2nd Assistant Director

William Ostrander

Club Silencio


The Magician

Richard Green

Trumpet Player

Conte Candoli

Blue-Haired Lady

Cori Glazer

Rebekah Del Rio


Film dedicated to: Jennifer Syme

Lynch on his casting process

FILMMAKER: Tell me a little bit about your casting process.

LYNCH: Get the right person for the role. In this case, I needed to look in an area where I could find people who would go for a long time in a series. But I looked for them in the same way [that I cast MY features]. I start with still photos, and that gets narrowed down, and eventually I sit one on one [with the actors]. I never read anybody - nobody reads any part of the script. I just talk to them, and as I'm talking to them I'm running the scenes of the film.

FILMMAKER: Do you cast on the basis of those meetings, or do you then give out the script and call people back?

LYNCH: No, no. They don't read before they're cast because then I'll just start wanting to rehearse. It's unfair to an actor, I think, to have them do a cold reading. They could be the right one, but they've got the wrong take on it at first. It could be a heartache for them. It's not the way to find the right person in my book.

David Lynch with Naomi WattsAs to how Lynch works with his actors, he feels it is important not to let the cast know the whole story, or even the ending of the film:

LYNCH: What's important is that they get all they need to go forward with their character. Just like we are all going through the world, we all don't know all there is to know about the world, but we know our role to a certain degree." Lynch adds, "It's partly to protect the whole thing. Sometimes when you say things out loud, some power leaks out of it.

Naomi Watts about Lynch's directing

On top of that, working with David was an extremely different experience, because the way he works with his actors is quite different from the normal director-actor relationship. He really doesn’t tell you much about what he’s thinking. I know he’s not divulging anything to the press [about the film], but he’s the same with actors. He wants you to interpret it yourself, so he doesn’t give directions. As actors, for the most part we’re trained to know where we’ve come from, where we’re going, what the truth and meaning is behind every scene, but he basically asks us to undo all that. He’s saying that all those questions don’t matter, that you simply treat each scene with the right mood and ideas that it needs. David guides you along, but he doesn’t tell you exactly what it is or what it means, so it’s up to you to make [those things] up.

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