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Laura Elena Harring about her character

Camilla"Which one? (laughs) I think in the first scene where I'm riding in the limo, something like "very dark." Something more of the underworld. And in the scene following the accident, he [David Lynch] wanted me to walk "like a broken doll." So it was very clear, what he wanted from me. As Rita, I used "tormented, lost," like a black cloud hovering over someone caught between worlds, and I really used air as my element to help me visualize this cloud and be in between. And then as Camilla I was grounded, earthy, with some fire. David told me to walk like a kitty-cat, so it was very clear to me the kind of sensuality that he wanted for Camilla.

Naomi Watts about Camilla

Camilla is a movie star, she’s beautiful, a femme fatale, the directors are in love with her, everyone’s in love with her. She’s a powerful, strong woman. Camilla pulls her friend Diane into her life for a minute but then cuts her off and stops reciprocating any friendship. [That plunges] Diane into this massive psychosis that she can’t get out of, and then the worst happens.

Camilla - A Femme Fatale

The truth is that Camilla was never devoted to Diane the way Betty was devoted to Rita. Camilla's primary focus had always been on her career, she never cared about Diane's career. But Camilla did enjoy seeing how much Diane revered her. She enjoyed having Diane see her get big parts. As Diane's star remained dim, Camilla's began to shine. And Camilla seemed to enjoy rubbing Diane's nose in this fact as well. Camilla was the star, not Diane. She enjoyed having Diane see her seduce her leading men as their leading lady. And she enjoyed having Diane see her seduce the recently divorced director named Adam. And then when Adam fell in love with her like so many others did, Camilla wanted Diane there to see Adam fawn all over her and then announce their engagement. Camilla did enjoy having sex with Diane, but unfortunately for Diane, she could get that thrill from so many other fans of hers, men and woman. She never really needed Diane, she just needed an audience. Diane was simply Camilla's favorite member of her audience, and even that distinction could not last. By the end of the dinner party at Adam's house, it appeared that Camilla had found another favorite devotee. - (Alan Shaw)

Camilla not Diane's lover?

I think that the relationship that Camilla had with Diane was purely based on friendship. Camilla and Diane met and became friends. Camilla helped get Diane some parts in some movies. Soon Diane idolized Camilla and put herself in a fantasy relationship with her. Diane's real love relationship was with the woman from apartment 12. Diane was projecting Camilla on to her more pedestrian love affair. Camilla never knew of Diane's love and idolization. That is why she may come off as being so cold to Diane. Diane was invited to the dinner party simply as a friend. Camilla's lesbian love affair was with the blonde actress she kissed at the party. In Diane's fantasy, she put herself in the shoes of this mysterious woman.

When her real life love (on whom she projected Camilla) broke up with her, Diane started down a path of depression. The engagement announcement, however, sent her over the edge. She became severely depressed and vowed revenge on her unrequited love interest. She orders the hit on Camilla. The hit is carried out and the blue key is indicative of this. Everything spirals out of control until Diane takes her own life. - (Craig Stasila)

My feeling would be towards Camilla being a reasonable gentle soul (that we see leading Diane - literally - up the garden path to the party), especially since we must consider whether a sexual relationship ever really existed between these two. The only evidence we have of this is the couch scene. And I'm not 100% sure of that now. Both the couch scene and the dream scene could be wish-fulfillment. - (blu-riven)

First Camilla and Diane are would be starlets trying to make it big in Hollywood. Camilla has somewhat more experience, influence and therefore has more clout than Diane, so she takes Diane under her wing so to speak. During this time Camilla moves into Diane's apt, kicking the neighbor out (hence the neighbor's need to recover her things). Camilla "sucks up" to Adam because, believe it or not, that is how pretty girls get bit parts in Hollywood and hopefully get noticed by other directors, agents and eventually get even bigger parts. Lynch makes sure we understand this is Diane's world in Hollywood.
Now to the car scene. Camilla asks Adam if Diane can stay so that Adam will get to know Diane (within the sexual context she and Adam already have established) Maybe Diane would get invited to the next round of parties in Hollywood. Recalling these events, Diane chooses to make it seem like Camilla was trying to make her jealous. Perhaps Diane was truly jealous. I doubt that was Camilla's intention however. As Bob Brooker echoes in Diane's dream "Don't play it for real until it gets real". Naive Diane has mis-interpretted the "friendship" she and Camilla have formed, just as she mis-understands the friendship Camilla is forging with the bigwigs in Hollywood, the current one being Adam.
Why else would Camilla rush to tell Diane "Don't let it be like that!" and "We shouldn't do this anymore"? Camilla was trying to get ahead in Hollywood, the only way she knew how. She was ready to take Diane a friend. That is why she invited her to the party. Why else would Lynch ask if talent alone helped Camilla? Anyone recall the translation of the Spanish words spoken about Camilla at the party? It seems she already had a reputation for sleeping her way to the top. - (Thespear)

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Trivia: Rhodes (Rodos) is the Greek island of roses further connection to the neighbor DeRosa (Spanish for "of rose")?

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