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Why is the actress' name who got the part in the "Sylvia North Story" Camilla Rhodes?

Blond Camilla Rhodes on stageDiane, in her dream, has separated the good from the bad in Camilla. Camilla left Diane of her own accord – she slept her way to the top, using wiles and forces not accessible to Diane – these manifest as the shadowy Mafia like characters that dictated the pseudo-Camilla was ‘the girl’. Diane couldn’t stand that part of her lover – the selfish vamp that would prostitute herself for success. Moreover, it's Diane wish to erases any relationship between Adam and her Camilla. That is why Camilla, in the dream, is a different person. The girl in question was the one who kissed real Camilla and sneered at Diane at the fateful dinner party. So Diane casts her in the dream as an untalented bimbo who steals what should rightfully be Diane's/Betty's breakthrough role.

Diane never got over Camilla, even though she became aware of Camilla's narcissistic and corrupt nature she cannot bring herself to damn her totally - hence her escape from the car crash and her re-naming herself Rita. So Diane/Betty gets the best of both worlds - that sweet lady to love again, and "Camilla" vilified and fake as Diane sees her. This would explain in part the amnesia - a case of wiping the slate clean and rebuilding the relationship as she wants it. - (andrew-mcdonald)

Why doesn’t the headshot the Mafiosi give to Adam’s producers depict the real Camilla? Because in the dream world, the real Camilla is Rita. To hold up a photo of the real Camilla while saying “this is the girl” would not only destroy the self-contained coherence of the dream but would also come perilously close to reminding the sleeping Diane of the actual context within which the line was said. In addition, it is precisely the casting of the real Camilla in Adam’s movie that leads to the relationship between Adam and Camilla, which, in turn, results in the break-up of Diane and Camilla, and, finally, in Camilla’s murder. All of this is what Diane wishes to avoid, and the dream, of course, is the realization of her wish. So, the identity of Camilla Rhodes, like so many things in the dream, must be displaced.

"Blonde Camilla Rhodes" is supposed to represent Adam's ultimate humiliation (loss of control over who he can choose as "The Girl"). Diane sees Camilla kiss that girl at the party and probably thinks something like, "How could she pick that piece of trash over me?" Ergo, Blond Camilla  becomes the "piece of trash" that Adam is forced to endure over Diane, who would have been the ultimate star of his picture. - (22cute)

Camilla with Blonde at Dinner PartyYet, Camilla was also the one who had betrayed Diane by replacing her with another woman in Camilla's life. Camilla's relationship to Adam could be forgiven because it was probably just a move to advance Camilla's career. But when Diane saw Camilla kissing another woman, it seemed to Diane that Camilla was definitely breaking up with her for good. Camilla's commitment to Diane was no deeper than the type of commitments that Hollywood makes. If Camilla could replace her so easily, then Diane would get rid of Camilla and turn the tables, replacing Camilla with the same person whom Camilla was using to replace Diane. This is why the Castigliane brothers show Adam a picture of this other woman with the name Camilla Rhodes. - (Alan Shaw)

The movie being made by director Adam is "The Sylvia North Story", and it seems to take place in the 60s. What I was surprised is why the blonde Camilla Rhodes (the one in Diane's supposed fantasy) is at the dinner at the film's conclusion wearing a sixties outfit when everyone else in the film seemed to be dressed modernly. - (Lucy Tonic)

I see the kiss between Camilla and the other actress at the director's party as a further extension of Diane's delusional state. It's highly doubtful that Camilla would expose her sexuality at a high-profile party where she's about to announce her engagement, particularly when she's seated beside her future mother-in-law. Perhaps Diane noted a closeness between Camilla and the other actress and her paranoia filled in the blanks, also transposing the other actress into the Camilla role in her fantasy. - (Matt Lupo)

Headshot of blond CamillaCamilla was the star, not Diane. This issue plays itself out in Diane's fantasy world when the personas in her mind seemed bent on believing that Camilla Rhodes should be chosen to be the star of the movie that was to be Diane's core identity instead of a persona like Betty, who represented Diane's lost innocence. And this was true even when the persona who took the name Camilla Rhodes was yet another actress who had harmed Diane by kissing Camilla at Adam's party. This reveals the fact that Diane's self-image was in terrible shape when we see that part of her believes that the people who are harming her are more deserving than her. - (Alan Shaw)

  • Blond Camilla has lipstick on her face after kissing brunette Camilla - Judas Kiss?

  • At the pool party blond Camilla whispers something to Camilla, sounding: "I'm gonna go take a walk outside. Give me a kiss." However, the French "Making Of" subtitles:

Blonde: "I go out for 2 minutes."
Camilla: "Ok darling." [kissing]
Blonde: "See you later."

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