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Lynch's clue #6: Notice the robe, the ashtray, the coffee cup.
The Mulholland Drive cup in "From Dust Titl Dawn"
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As Adam's party we see Diane drinking coffee from a cup that has SOS in a decorative design on it's side. Diane needs help right now. Adam is saying at this moment, "So I got the pool and she got the Pool Man. I couldn't believe it. I wanted to buy that judge a Rolls Royce… Sometime good things happen." During this monologue, Luigi looks at Diane in a way that appears to show he is interested in her, but it is the interest of a John. So perhaps the SOS on her cup stands for "Same old Stuff." And if this is connected to Adam's statement about how "Sometimes good things happen," the unspoken issue, of course, is that money and corruption may be a part of the equation. Good things happen in Hollywood for people like Adam, but what about for people from Deep River, Ontario? - (Alan Shaw)

The Winkie's connection

Diane's coffee cup at home is identical to those used in all the scenes at Winkie's. This leads us to three possible conclusions:

  1. Diane has reached a level of poverty she has to swipe the cups from Winkie's, which assumedly is a place she often visits. This adds up to her failure status, and the context in which she finally breaks down.

  2. She was once waitress at Winkie's, and stole them while working there. Maybe she was even fired because of this. And this is quite a good reason to do the name exchange in the dream part with the actual waitress: she's just recovering ancient memories, and distorting them.

  3. Diane took a domestic property (real home cup) and incorporated it into her dream and distorted flashbacks. Remember, before recalling the Winkie's scene with Joe, Diane brews herself a coffee with this cup and probably she did the same the eve before she had her nightmare. On account of this this we ought to be careful with taking the hitman scene at Winkie's at face value, since Diane appears to be manipulative towards details of (alleged) real-life events.

Screenplay Trivia

The MD Pilot script has a stronger point to the "stealing" scenario, albeit the scene supposedly never got shot this way. We learn that the waitress 'Diane' just finished pouring Betty's and Rita's cup and is about to serve the check, as...

"The manager of Winkie's, standing with a woman in a blue dress, calls Diane's name. Diane turns and looks to the manager and the woman. A fleeting fear goes through her eyes. She surreptitiously reaches in her pocket and takes out a Mont Blanc fountain pen which she puts under Betty's check as she places it on their table. She does this very quickly but Betty notices this and Diane notices Betty noticing. Diane walks quickly over to the manager and the woman in the blue dress. Betty turns and watches a heated conversation that she can't hear, but she sees the woman in the blue dress searching her purse and shrugging and then leaving.
The manager says something to Diane and Diane turns her pockets inside out and pats herself down in front of the manager showing him her innocence. He waves her off and she goes behind the counter to retrieve an order of food. Betty stops watching and turns her attention to Rita, who is tense and lost in a thought.
[...] Diane the waitress reappears at their table. Diane looks Betty in the eye and while looking at Betty her left hand slides the Mont Blanc out from under the check and back into her pocket."


  • Reportedly, the original Winkie's diner featured the same brown coffee cup and plates that were used in the movie.

  • David Lynch’s coffee passion & desire to share his coffee pleasure, culminated in producing his own brand of coffee. Check it out on the internet.

  • Other films featuring the same type of cup are Reservoir Dogs (1992), Groundhog Day (1993), From Dusk Till Dawn (1996), The Station Agent (2003) and Drive (2011).

Tarantino in Reservior Dogs

Phil in "Groundhog Day"

Jacob in "From Dusk Till Dawn"

The Station Agent

MD cup in Drive (2011)