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Havenhurst gate

Gates to Paramount Studios

Gate to Havenhurst 

Gate to Paramount Studios

I think Havenhurst and the Pilot had something to do with an old Hollywood / ghosts of Hollywood theme, versus new Hollywood. Sort of like a Sunset Boulevard thing going on. And Havenhurst is where all the old stars go when they retire or when they die, and that's why Louise Bonner is like "She's not supposed to be here" because Betty wasn't really a star. And the gate scene is intentionally done I think, to look like a movie studio gate, again, I think it's the same MGM gate seen in Sunset Boulevard. It somehow symbolizes stardom. - (nihilistdude2000)

My personal take is that it looks like some sort of "idealized" Bonita apartments, with the possible addition that it is also "inspired" by the studio where Betty took her first audition - look at the almost seamless scene change between Havenhurst's rounded entrance arch and the studio's rounded entrance arch; they look almost similar. - (showa48)

"Havenhurst" has the connotation of "Heavenhell", "haven" being a peaceful retreat, and "hurst" echoing "hearse" the name for the vehicle in which a coffin is carried to the graveyard it will be interred in. - (therealmandos)


1612 Havenhurst courtyard



1612 Havenhurst apartment