Purse with money

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  • Visual echo: Rita's purse contains the bloody money, Diane's purse contains the hit money

  • The money in Diane's dream is exaggerated; there are stacks of it in Rita's purse, at least 4 packets, but when Diane is in Winkie's with the hit man, there isn't nearly so much as that. Or does it clues us into Diane having spend already most of the stack?

In reality, the money that's used to pay the hitman is the inheritance Diane received from Aunt Ruth. In the dream, Diane hides the money "under her hat" (literally she puts it in that box under a hat). As long as the money is hidden, it can't be used to kill she's still alive. It's just another way Diane is trying to prevent Rita/Camilla from being murdered. - (TBickle)


Popular reviews such as on or have it that Diane's purse contains $50,000, which however is pure assumption as the exact amount is never revealed in the movie. According to the Pilot script Rita's purse is filled with $125,000 cash in hundred dollar bills.