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Timeline (conjecture)






Jitterbug contest

intro scene before credits

talking at the dinner party


Diane moves to L.A., meets Camilla on the auditions of the Sylvia North Story, they possibly enter into a lesbian love relationship


talking at the dinner party


Camilla is directed by 'him' (movie set with Adam/Camilla kissing)

Diane's flashback after wake-up



Camilla splits up with Diane because of 'him' (couch scene)

Diane's flashback after wake-up

David Lynch's clue #6: (Notice the robe, the ashtray, the coffee cup.)


Diane evicts Camilla (doorway scene)

Diane's flashback after wake-up

Watch for what Diane is wearing


Diane bitterly masturbates

Diane's flashback after wake-up

Watch for what Diane is wearing


Diane's limo ride / the dinner scene

Diane's flashback after wake-up

David Lynch's clue #4 (An accident is a terrible event...notice the location of the accident.)

Watch for everything, names, dialogue lines, what autobiographical data Diane has to say.


Winkie's scene (with hitman)

Diane's flashback after wake-up

David Lynch's clue #5 (Who gives a key and why?)

Watch for what Diane is wearing


Diane hides/disappears a couple of days

information given by the grouchy neighbor: The police is on Diane's trail already; neighbor tells her the two detectives were looking for her

Parallel in Diane's dream: Adam is thrown from his house and hiding in the Park Hotel. Cookie (stand-in for the neighbor) informs about two men from his bank


Diane falls asleep 
(after hit ordered and blue key discovered)

scene before opening credits

David Lynch's clue #1 (pay particular attention in the beginning of the film: at least two clues are revealed before the credits)
Watch for: bedroom accessories (sheet, pillow is the same as in 12. below!)


Diane's dream as winding as Mulholland Dr. itself

David Lynch's clue #2 (Notice appearances of the red lampshade.)

David Lynch's clue #3 (Can you hear the title of the film that Adam Kesher is auditioning actresses for? is it mentioned again?)

David Lynch's clue #7 (what is felt, realized and gathered at the Club Silencio?)

David Lynch's clue #8 (Did talent alone help Camilla?)

David Lynch clue #9 (Notice the occurrences surrounding the man behind Winkie's.)

David Lynch's clue #10 (Where is Aunt Ruth?)


Diane wakes up / notices blue key 
(murder completed)
/ briefly hallucinates about Camilla's coming back

real time shots

David Lynch's clue #6 (Notice the robe, the ashtray, the coffee cup.)


Diane sits on the couch and remembers

Series of flashbacks

Watch for robe and coffee cup


Night falls / Diane's suicide 
(while, presumably, police pounds her door)


David Lynch's clue #9 (Notice the occurrences surrounding the man behind Winkie's)


"Silencio!" (blue-haired lady)

artistic imagery before closing credits



Note: Nothing takes place outside Diane's apartment except in her dreams or her flashbacks/memories. The movie begins when Diane falls asleep. It ends next day when she kills herself. She never leaves her apartment the whole time. - (Rusty Nail)

Alternate Version 1 (blu-riven)

Timeline by blu-riven

Alternate Version 2 (ctyankee)

Timeline by ctyankee

Alternate Version 3 (Rochas)

Timeline by Rochas

Diane's final three weeks 

When Diane answers the door, the neighbor says "Come on, Diane. It's been three weeks." If this sets a reference to a switch that took place three weeks ago, is there sufficient time for events in Diane's flashbacks (bar the convertible scene) to take place well within that time frame? 


Day 1

For some reason Diane switches apartments with her neighbor. Part of the neighbor's dishes, a lamp and an ashtray are still with Diane.

Day 3

Camilla is shown around Diane's new residence, but gets evicted after dispute. Broken-hearted Diane starts to hide in her apartment.

Day 5

Diane receives Camilla's phone call to join Adam's party. At the party Diane learns about their wedding plans.

Day 6

Consumed by rage and jealousy Diane decides to have Camilla killed and seeks for a hitman.

Day 10

Diane has found Joe and they arrange an appointment.

Day 11

Diane meets Joe at Winkie's to settle the hit. 

Day 14

Diane finds the key indicating that Camilla has been offed, she starts to feel remorse, retreats into #17.

Day 15

The detectives come by #12 respectively #17... but can't track Diane down. Later the neighbor informs Diane. Diane feels trapped. Her mental instability increases day by day. The detective might be coming for her over and over again. She holes up inside #17.

Day 19

Diane is a psycho-wreck, taking sedatives/drugs, falls asleep. Memories of occurrences and people around her most recent encounters at Winkie's and the pool party filter into her dream.

Day 20

Detectives return to Sierra Bonita. Later the neighbor wakes Diane to get her stuff and drops another line about the cops. Diane is losing it, having flashbacks/hallucinations. Tormented by demons she shoots herself.

Diane's final three weeks (blu)

Timeline chart